The Lewis & Charles Hamilton Sheddens

This is the family to which Sir Louis Shedden see (Notable Sheddens) belongs. The names Louis/Lewis are peculiar to this Ayrshire family and are not found elsewhere. Even the name Charles is uncommon amongst the other Ayrshire Sheddens. It is not clear how far back these names go, since the Kilwinning records only begin with the marriage of Charles Shedden and Jane Spurling in 1715.

The descendants of Charles and Jane are shown in genealogical charts in generation format. Separate charts show the considerable extension of this family into England and Australia. The Australian extension is of particular interest in that Alexander Shedden (b 1828), who emigrated to Australia, compiled a hand written genealogy going back to the early days in Kilwinning and extended the story to describe how he fared on arrival in Australia. This genealogy is attached.

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