Shedden – Sheddings

The attached genealogical chart shows a family where the baptismal records were variously Shedden, Sheddens or Sheddings. It is not clear how these variations arose and it is impossible to know what the family called themselves. The family of Joseph Shedden and Mary Reynolds came from Larkhall, where Joseph was a coal miner, then emigrated to Hamilton, Ontario in the late 1920’s where two more children were added to the 11 who had emigrated. The family then moved to the gold mines at Kirkland Lake. One of the family moved to Australia, where he died, but the rest stayed in Canada. Their surname there was always Shedden.

Around 1953, when I was living in Kitchener, Ontario, I attended an ice hockey match where the visiting team were from Northern Ontario. One of the stars of that team was John Gordon Shedden, known as Moose Shedden because of his size. Years later, when \I was back in Scotland and researching the genealogy of Shedden families, I discovered that Moose Shedden was a member of this Sheddien/Shedding family, born in Hamilton, Ontario in 1930. A few years ago my son was in Canada and in the course of business met a woman surnamed Shedden. My son related the story of Moose Shedden and it turned out that she was his daughter.

Moose Shedden became a legend in ice hockey circles in Canada and the USA, both for his prowess and for the length of his career. I understand that his son followed in his footsteps and was himself a legend in ice hockey circles.

Shedden-Sheddings Chart