Shedden families in Edinburgh

Genealogical charts for several Shedden families are attached to this note. Although there are many Sheddens in Edinburgh I have only fragments of data for most of them. Unlike Glasgow, Edinburgh has no very early records apart from the anomalous birth in 1597 of Charlis Schedden (see Sheddens in Scotland). It is virtually impossible to determine who the early Sheddens in Edinburgh were or if any descendants of these early Sheddens survive in Edinburgh or, indeed, elsewhere. Although all the Sheddens listed in the Edinburgh phone book were contacted few could give information on their early ancestors. Sheddans were also contacted, but these were predominantly from East Lothian, suggesting that their ancestors may have a link with the Sheddens of Lochie, via John Shedden (b 1726).

Family 2 links in with the Lewis and Charles Hamilton Sheddens.

Family 3 links in with the Sheddens of Lochie.

Family 4 may have origins in the West of Scotland.

Family 6 appears to have come from Perth since that is the birthplace given for George Shedden (bc 1803) in the 1851 Edinburgh census.

Family 9 may have its origins in Perthshire, since there is a blacksmith element which may relate to the Sheddens of Lochie.

The records for Family 10 show that this was probably a Sheddan family. Families 10, 11 and 12 appear to be related in some way. These Sheddans may have been miners.

Family 14 links in with the Sheddens of Lochie, Charles Shedden (bc 1802) shepherd being the son of William Shedden and Helen Hepburn. Charles’s son, Charles (bc 1836), was invested with half of Smiddyneuk from John Shedden in Auchterarder.