Sheddens of Dunlop & Anderston

The genealogical chart shows descendants of Thomas Shedden (b 1696), fifth son of John Shedden (b 1660) and Margaret Montgomerie. The genealogy is confusing. Not only was Thomas (b 1741) married twice but his nephew Thomas (b 1757) was, like his uncle, a weaver and also followed him to Anderston.

At that time Anderston was not part of Glasgow and the weaving businesses could operate without the restrictions which would have applied had they been within the jurisdiction of the Glasgow authorities.

The elder Thomas was a manufacturer and businessman as was his son William (b 1768).William’s eldest son, Thomas (b 1823), did not follow in the business. He was a university academic and an associate of William Thomson (afterwards Lord Kelvin) at Glasgow. While at Glasgow University their respective families formed a close relationship. Thomas published “The elements of logic”, an essay on the infinite and three essays on philosophical subjects. He also invented a breech-loading rifle. Later he moved to London where he qualified as a barrister. (Incidentally, one of my uncles was convinced that his grandfather Thomas and grandmother Janet were buried in the grounds of Glasgow cathedral. In fact this was probably the burial place of Thomas b 1741 and his second wife, Janet Watson).

Sheddens of Dunlop and Anderston