Sheddens of Roughwood

Including Patrick connections

This chart shows the descendants of John Shedden (b 1690) and Jean Ralston. John was the eldest son of Robert Shedden (b 1643) and Jean Harvie. Jean Ralston inherited the Roughwood and Millburn estates and these passed to the Patricks via the marriage of John Patrick of Trearne and Marion Shedden (b 1733). This is the senior branch of the Roughwood Sheddens. The junior branch, which descended from William Shedden (b 1708), youngest son of John Shedden (b 1643), never actually held Roughwood. Thus the coat of arms acquired by Sir George Shedden of Paulespury Park, and who descended from William, were those of the junior branch.

Of note is William Ralston Shedden (b 1828), the only son of William Patrick Shedden (b1794) and grandson of William Ralston Shedden (b 1747), the youngest brother of Marion Shedden (b 1733). William Ralston Shedden (b 1828) inherited a considerable fortune from his father (acquired as a merchant in Calcutta). However, he became possessed with the idea that he was the rightful heir to the Roughwood estates and to establish his claim he entered on a course of litigation in the prosecuting of which he dissipated the whole of his fortune. The claim was pressed by the family for many years and when all means had been exhausted his sister, Annabella Jane Shedden, took up the pleadings and conducted the case before a committee of the House of Lords for a period extending over thirty days. However, the appeal was rejected.

William had to find remunerative employment and took up a post in the printed-book department of the British Museum, In the course of which he became interested in, and mastered, the Russian language and published a number of works in that language. He made several trips to various European countries as well as to Russia, where he met people among the literary classes and was made a corresponding member of the Imperial Academy of Sciences of St Petersburg.

William Ralston Shedden (b 1828) was a cousin of Robert Shedden (b 1741) and went with him to Virginia. Like Robert, he had to take refuge in Lord Dunsmore’s fleet when hostilities commenced and came with Dunsmore to New York and was founder of the firm of Shedden and Goodrich which engaged extensively in privateering. On the death of his father in 1770 he succeeded to the estates of Roughwood and Millburn, which were burdened with a considerable debt. Creditors were about to have a judicial sale when Robert Patrick, a nephew and eldest son of Marion Shedden and John Patrick of Triorne, was served heir to his uncle in 1799. Robert Patrick settled with the creditors to the value of the estate and later sold it to his younger brother, William,

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