Dalry Shedden Families

Although the parish of Dalry is adjacent to the parish of Beith there seems to have been little movement of Sheddens from one parish to the other. There may have been some contact in the early days but unfortunately most of the pre-1750 records of Dalry are missing. One suspects that if the Dalry records had been complete they would have rivalled those of Beith.

I have not found any written publications featuring Dalry families comparable to what is available for the Shedden families of Beith, so data for Dalry families has to be obtained entirely from parish records and Statutory records or from individual family members.

The three families shown below in generation format have given rise to many descendants, including several who live in foreign parts, the USA in particular.

Descendants of Robert Shedden of Dalry – The Hamilton Sheddens 

Descendants of Hugh Shedden (b 16–) Dalry 

Descendants of John Shedden

In addition, charts are shown for the undernoted families:

Hugh Shedden 1767 

John Shedden and Margaret Wilson 

James Shedden 1866 and Agnes King Morrison