Beith Sheddens

These families are by far the most distinguished of all the Shedden families and have many descendants. However, none of these descendants are left in Beith and many lines have died out completely. Genealogical charts have been drawn to show the various branches of the Beith families and scanned copies of these charts are held as PDFs.

As noted in Sheddens in England, the families investigated are those of minor gentry who provided some of the most distinguished Shedden descendants. Genealogical charts can be accessed for these families. Much detailed information can be obtained from the following:

  • Robertson – Ayrshire families*
  • Paterson – History of the County of Ayr*
  • James Paterson – History of the Counties of Ayr and Wigton*
  • Burke’s History of Commoners (Sheddens of Paulespury Park)
  • James Dobie’s “Mr Wilson of Crummock” with an Appendix 3 by his son, John Shedden Dobie, on Shedden of Marsheland; of Roughwood; and of Morishill *

* available at the National Library of Scotland

The two charts provided for Shedden Families of Beith do not always agree with the above sources but are based on examination of the parish registers and are thought to be accurate.

Both charts follow the accepted pedigree whereby Robert Shedden (bc1643) is the elder brother of John Shedden (bc 1660). However, under Scottish naming practice the eldest grandson of the partriarchal John Shedden (married to Mareon Johnston) would be named John; one wonders whether the sequence of Johns and Roberts depicted in the charts is correct. None of the authorities show the speculative Hessilhead connection, which is entirely my invention.

Chart 1 shows the children and grandchildren of Robert (bc1643) and John (bc1660) while chart 2 sketches out these relationships only but introduces a further generation, i.e., the children of William Shedden (b 1708), from whom derive some of the most illustrious descendants of Beith families.

I have no information on the family of James (bc1694) of Cuff but charts etc of other branches of the Beith Sheddens are described under the following headings: