Shedden Genealogy Site


Notable Sheddens include John Shedden, born in Kilbirnie (Ayrshire) in 1825, who emigrated to USA and Canada and was involved in the development of the Canadian Railways. The village of Shedden in Southern Ontario is named after him.

Three Sheddens have been knighted:

  • Sir Lewis Shedden of Glasgow in 1943;
  • Sir Frederick G Shedden of Melbourne in 1943; and
  • Sir George Shedden (see Sheddens in England).
  • Sir Lewis was knighted for political services. His oldest known ancestor was Charles Shedden of Irvine (on the Ayrshire coast) whose second son was called Lewis. This family has been very prolific and descendants can be found not only in Scotland but further afield in Canada and Australia. The name Lewis, or Louis, is virtually unique to this family and has been handed down for over 200 years.

    Sir Frederick was a very senior Australian civil servant who served on several important defence committees and was secretary to the War Cabinet 1939-49. His Shedden ancestors came from near Edinburgh.